Customer Service

When you shop online or use online services, you are bound to face some issues now and then. Some issues can be ignored and they don’t affect any process, but some issues can prevent you from continuing to use a service or complete a purchase. In such cases, your best option is to contact customer service.

If you are using an Old Navy credit card and you face any issue that you are unable to solve, you should contact the Old Navy credit card customer service. Whatever your problem is, they will help you and solve the issue or recommend an easy solution. Whether you have a problem exchanging an item or you can’t check the status of your order, you can count on them to help you with every problem.

On their platform, you can chat with their customer support agents who will answer your questions and solve any problem that you are facing. You can chat with them any day of the week but there is a specific time frame in which you have to use this function. If you face a technical issue, for which you can’t find a solution anywhere else, then, it’s recommended to chat with one of the support agents.

If you are facing a more complex problem or you have too many questions, then you can call on the provided numbers. There are different numbers for people inside the US and outside the US. You can call any day of the week, again, during the specified time frame.

If the problem you face or the questions you want to ask are related only to rewards credit cards, then you can call on the numbers specified for credit cards. They have provided 3 phone numbers, each for a different type of card. Whether you are facing a problem with registering your card, tracking your points, redeeming your rewards, or you have lost the card, you can call them and they will surely help you.

If you don’t want to chat or call, you can get the information or find a solution from the resource center and FAQs section. They also provide you with shopping tools and tips that help you shop online, collect rewards, and use promo codes.