Amazing job opportunities

If you are looking for a career in the fashion industry, Old Navy has some amazing job opportunities for you. It has thousands of employees that are serving hundreds of thousands of customers, and you could be one of them too.

Every person wants to do a job in an encouraging environment, where he or she can learn every day. Old Navy has changed the old industry rules; it allows the employees to work in a completely different environment. Their mission from the very beginning is to democratize fashion, provide a comfortable environment for the employees, and make shopping fun for the customers.

Job opportunities

Excellent job opportunities

Working at this company provides great benefits, doesn’t matter which field you choose. They provide equal pay for equal work. They are the first fortune 500 company to announce this. There is no wage difference between men and women, which is proved by third-party analysis.

They are also providing more opportunities for women. Around 75% of its employees are women. Females are working as store managers in most of their stores. They are also an important part of their leadership team.

Employees get other benefits too like merchandise discount. They get 50% off regular products at the company. They also offer 30% off at outlet and 25% off at althea. Furthermore, they provide a range of healthcare insurance plans that suits the needs of you and your family. A variety of dental, vision and medical insurance plans are offered. They also provide PTO days, in case you are sick or you want to go on a vacation. But, the paid leave is available only to the eligible part-time employees. The employees also get savings and retirement benefits.

Jobs are available in different fields such as marketing, production, and merchandising. You can become a manager, stock associate, supervisor, merchandiser, buyer, associate production manager, etc. There are a number of jobs available for people with different talents.

To find jobs and apply for them you have to go to the their career page. If you navigate to the page job search, you can see the jobs available and you can also search for them. First, you have to select the brand, then your talent area, and at last you have to provide your ZIP code or city name. Then you can click on the find your fit option and you will see all the job openings. You can click on any job to get more information like, what’s the role and what you will have to do. From there you can apply for the job too.